24/02/2022 BT NEW DIGITAL VOICE are you having problems ?

24/02/2022 BT NEW DIGITAL VOICE are you having problems ?

Bt NEW Digital voice have you had a letter saying you have to upgrade to the new digital voice?

There are a few problems that you can encounter (BUT not according to the supplier)

1 You could loose your existing telephone number

2 A life line connection lift line alarm line and other 3rd party devices will not work anymore after the upgrade takes place

3 Don’t believe what they tell you about it will work there will be no problems to get you to sign up. They don’t know your property or what you have in it and the phone would have to be plugged into the back of the router to make it work. They will supply digital adapters but will these work in your property ? nobody can say they will or wont until they have been installed.

4 Also this new service requires your broadband to be good to work NO internet NO phone line. Also if the power goes off to the property you will loose not just your internet but also your phone line now. So beware especially for the elderly with panic buttons and life lines that need a phone line to work. In this last storm people were without power for several days but normally the phone line keeps working this would not be the case with this new service they would have lost everything phone/internet and mobile phones don’t work everywhere

So if you need any advice get in touch even for just a call before you commit to anything as this service is already out there and they are trying to roll it out without acknowledging the ongoing problems it is causing especially to the older generation that just want a simple phone to use and work with a life line panic button.

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