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A Local Telephone Engineer for All Your Telephone
& Broadband Problems

A BT fault is the responsibility of your telephone and broadband service provider, but how do you know its a line fault and not a problem with your system or internal wiring.

Covering Bournemouth, Poole, Wimborne, Ringwood and throughout Dorset,  iOS can help with this; some simple tests can be done to trace the master socket and disconnect any old wiring or other extensions you may have.

Your symptoms could include no dial tone, broadband dropping out, noise on the line or slow download speeds. Your broadband could be working, but your phone line has no dial tone.

When you call your service provider you may be in for a costly bill if it turns out to be an internal wiring fault or a faulty telephone socket.

  • Master telephone sockets moved
  • Phone wiring faults repaired
  • Telephone wires renewed
  • Broadband diagnostics – Problems resolved
  • Telephone extensions installed & repaired
  • WiFi access points – Wireless survey
  • Noisy, crackly line – Faults Repaired, (if within boundaries of property)
  • Telephone not working?
  • Broadband problems?
  • Builder cut your line?
  • Poor WiFi signals?
  • Carpet fitter cut cables?
  • Unsightly cables removed
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